How would you feel if wherever you looked you seem to find no one walking the journey with you? And what if that’s what’s meant to be and it’s a good thing?

This weekend was super, lots of sea and relaxing moments, quality. Time out where a load was blown away from my mind and in the evening it did really feel lighter. Like the thoughts were swept away.

But I have realized that I’m doing a lot of what others like to do. I get carried away with plans of others, which although enjoyable are not mine. And then I end up not finding anyone to share mine with me.

Ok not to be too dramatic, there are many times I share what I like to do with others but then there are specific times during the week where I find no one. And I have come to dread these times every single week.

Being stuck in the middle is not a good place, i came a long way where I re-built myself from another life and managed to attain what I wanted to attain; a higher education, I powerful job, a good position at work and an interesting social life.

Yet, this middle ground leaves a lot to wonder where everything is at and where the ship is sailing to. Should I be knowing this? I don’t know. But do you feel like there are hours during the day where you say; ok what do I do with myself now? Shall I go to that place? But with who, no one seems to be available ! Am I the only one with empty pockets on my hands?

And don’t tell me to clean the house cause I’m not filling my time with that!

PS: I get help for cleaning don’t think I live in a rat hole 🙂

Love xx



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